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Spiritual Guidance Readings

Dakini Wisdom Cards

I use the Dakini Tarot for my readings. They are very helpful for looking at all areas of your life, your life path, relationships, love, work, any life issues that you would like guidance on. I have been doing readings for 15 years and worked in different countries giving readings. I also do readings for Corporate events and fun parties if you have an event just let me know in advance to arrange the booking.

I am able to do readings over the phone and can offer 30 mins for £30 which usually allows for 1 question and some guidance or £60 for 60 mins; more in depth reading or £90 for 1 hour and a half. I can accept bank transfers or paypal payment over the phone/ Skype for the reading.

Dakini is the supreme embodiment of highest wisdom and the most potent
manifestation of feminine divinity in Tibetan Buddhism.  This wisdom card
reading helps one to be lead through life's turning points. Dakini in
Sanskrit means Sky Dancer, with sky connoting creativity and potentiality.
The Tibetan Buddhism Dakini  cards represents the individual journey of our
spirit that wishes to push through toward enlightenment. The Dakini cards
are symbolic and may appear wrathful, but the wrath is aimed at her/our own
states of anger, greed and delusion. The Goddess wisdom seeks to cut out and
transform these negative traits and great determination is needed. Buddhist
Dakini severs the heads of beings who are none other than her own demons.
Hers is not a glorification of anger and violence but a transformation of
it. The Tantric Dakini Oracle reading provides ancient symbolic
representations of the female principles of intuitive wisdom. The Dakinis
are the guardians of the deeper mysteries of the self, and it is through
them that the secrets of inner transformation are opened.

Spiritual Practices

In line with Blue Lotus's mission to provide insightful knowledge and guidance to my clients who are experiencing their own journey through life spiritual practices can play an important role in supporting a person's connection to their own mind, body and spirit. Learning how to develop one’s own spiritual discipline will help strengthen instinct, intellect, intuition and listening to one’s own body’s wisdom. These practices are designed for the individual as a program in harmony with their own religious or spiritual beliefs, and will encourage their own growth and help cultivate their spiritual development. It is about learning to speak your truth and listen to your heart creating a path for yourself that is helping you head towards liberation, divine union, and connection with your higher self, the universal principles our Holy Father and Beloved Mother Earth.

Spiritual practice teachings can also include worship, prayer, developing positive qualities using life affirmations and practicing ceremony and ritual. There is also the theme of love, self love and service that can run throughout one’s life and dedication to your chosen path. This will all be encouraged in your own personal growth and development.  Also practices such as meditation, yoga, pilates, sadhana; chanting the sounds of the chakras, detoxification,  nutrition, tai chi, body movement,  invoking the divine presence through dance, breath work,  honouring the divine feminine, mother earth based spiritual practices, philosophical life teachings, Buddhist and Eastern teachings and approached to life will be taught in workshops and in one to one sessions.

Please contact me on my bookings page for a consultation. Namaste